Drug and alcohol detox breaks the bonds of addiction. Addiction can be deeply ingrained in the brain and body, changing how one thinks and causing cravings as well as other withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Even when you want to quit, physical and mental symptoms can make addiction difficult to overcome without medical help.

The side effects of quitting a drug or stopping drinking are called withdrawal symptoms. They can range from mild confusion to severe health complications and life-threatening seizures. During withdrawal, it becomes difficult to make decisions, cravings ramp up, and some patients may even hallucinate. That’s why people must take precautions when they desire to heal their addiction and turn toward a healthier lifestyle by quitting drugs or alcohol in an accredited detox facility.

Detox centers are designed to comfort patients by minimizing health risks and subduing cravings with evidence-based methods shown to be effective. Using around-the-clock care, detox patients experience relief and return to life beyond the bonds of addiction safely. The Haven Detox is a personalized detox and residential facility with a specialized staff and luxury amenities. We ensure each patient receives compassionate, custom care fit for their unique situation, preparing them to confidently enter the next chapter of their renewed life.

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Detox Saves Lives & Builds Strength

Everyone goes through detoxification—whether they have the support of trained medical professionals or not. The important thing is that you don’t risk your physical safety or mental well-being while withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. The risks and dangers of at-home detox are countless and sometimes fatal. Medically supervised detox helps people recuperate faster, more safely, and it prepares them for a lifetime of stable recovery.

Phases of Medical Detox

Clinical Evaluation

Clinical evaluation determines the individual care course of your medical detox. Our specialists identify which substances must be cleared, if mental health concerns exist, and whether medical conditions need monitoring as well. We then develop a coordinated strategy for nurses, doctors, and specialists to deliver 24/7 care to ensure your absolute safety and comfort.

Patient Stabilization

During stabilization, your care team will monitor your progress and continuously treat symptoms and discomfort as they present during the detox process. Our goal is always to keep you comfortable and at ease as you are returned to optimal health through a combination of medication, therapies, and continuous monitoring until symptoms resolve.

Ongoing Therapy

In the final phase of detoxification, you establish a long-term plan for working on your recovery to prevent relapse and return to your daily life. Sometimes this aftercare process involves enrollment in our comfortable residential treatment program or referral to an outpatient provider at a sister facility. We ensure you are supported after a clean bill of health.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs to detox from without medical supervision. It leads to extremely dangerous, uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal like seizures and hallucinations. In severe cases, withdrawal from alcohol can be fatal without medical support. Your choice of a healthier life shouldn’t cause personal suffering or risk your life. Choosing medical detox is the smartest, safest decision.

Opiate Detox

Opiates like heroin and fentanyl can stir intense cravings and deeply unpleasant and risky withdrawal symptoms. When you stop taking opioids or opiates, you’re likely to relapse without medical supervision according to scientific literature. Through medical detox, you can manage the discomfort of sweating, nausea, diarrhea, chills, fever, and cravings that come with cessation through medication-assisted withdrawal tapering.

Substance Use We Treat

For long-term recovery, you need more than willpower. You need a comfortable detox and 24-hour atmosphere of support, preparing you for a lifetime of freedom from substance abuse. We treat every form of addiction with evidence-based methods.

Our Personalized Detox Process

At The Haven Detox, our team of medical professionals is dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of medical care and support they need for a safe detox and long-term recovery.  We understand that not all patients are the same. That’s why the doctors at our premium facility take the time to understand your condition and work with you to create a personalized plan catered to your needs.

We go above and beyond to provide the compassion and care every patient needs for a successful recovery, returning to the life they truly want at a personalized pace.