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A Legacy of Restoring Lives

The story of The Haven Detox becoming the trusted, personal, comfortable detox in New Jersey is simple. We began with the belief that people recover from addiction just as they learn to live happy lives: with patience, practice, and life lessons. Our substance abuse treatment programs use the same custom, compassionate care to change lives.

As a provider, we keep hope alive and never lose sight of you as an individual. Anyone and everyone can get better with personal care. If you’re facing substance abuse, help is Haven.

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Restore and Reinvent Yourself at Haven

The Haven Detox is a place of hope, a refuge of help, and a sanctuary of health. If it’s time to make a change, get the information you need to make a turning point, then receive high-quality care designed specifically for you. Our efficient, friendly admissions team is available 24/7 to answer all your alcohol rehab, drug detox, and long-term residential treatment program questions.

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Centuries of Clinical Expertise

Guided by years of study, science, and specialization—our holistic approach to medical detox is evidenced by our individualized clinical treatment. At our center, we teach you to calm anxieties, heal from past traumas, and live a better life on your terms. Through well-studied treatment services delivered with gentle professionalism, your life can transform forever.

Withdrawal symptoms and drug or alcohol dependency are swept away with medical precision, clearing a path for healthy adults to take charge of their relationships, careers, and lives.

Over 20,000 Rescued in Recovery

Having healed tens of thousands of people alongside our sister facilities around the country, we strive to remain one of the most successful detox centers in New Jersey through innovative therapies, leading experts, and elevated comforts. Alumni say the experience changes how you see yourself, feel about the world, and even what you love about life after active addiction.

Winning awards for our care year after year, we aim to ramp up recovery from alcohol addiction and substance use disorder across New Jersey, from Seabrook and Cherry Hill up to New York City.


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Confirm your policy covers our expert care, and get the best possible drug addiction treatment through your insurance by verifying benefits. Help, healing, and recovery are only a click away.

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Experience Freedom & Find Hope

Enroll in The Haven Detox-New Jersey, and see how freedom from drugs and alcohol really feels. Nothing compares to the mental clarity and physical release clients enjoy after our residential and detox programs. Imagine feeling freed from your addiction after the first day.

Feel Relief from Day One

Our detox and residential treatment facility walks each patient to newfound freedom through consultation that identifies individual needs, strengths, and goals. Detox protocols begin, and your custom care course eases you into sobriety from drugs or alcohol.

Supported by Specialists

Treatment options start where you need them most—according to your situation, personal history, mental health, and hopes for the future. Specialists commit themselves to your renewal through around-the-clock medical care, protecting you from the pains of withdrawal.

Ready to Live Life Anew

With a revitalized body and mind, you become stronger than ever—ready to handle situations that once confused, frustrated, and blocked you. After staying in our treatment centers, patients change their lives, achieve new goals, and bond with precious loved ones again

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