Alcohol and Drug Detox in New Jersey

Detox Programs for Alcoholism and Substance Use

The Haven Detox-New Jersey offers many addiction treatment programs, including medical detoxification. Whether you’re struggling with a substance use disorder or drug dependency—our drug detox programs can help you regain control of your life and the health of your body. With The Haven Detox, you receive treatment from an accredited New Jersey drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that’s supported by hundreds of combined years of experience treating patients.

Detox Conveniently Located in New Jersey

One advantage of turning to The Haven Detox for help is not just our 24/7 care and safe withdrawal management but our convenient location in New Jersey. The Haven Detox is located in Gloucester Township of Camden County, New Jersey.  Our facility is a short distance from South Jersey airport and Philadelphia International Airport. Its relaxed, suburban environment is the perfect place for clients to recover in a clinical retreat with 24/7 medical care and luxury accommodations. Whether they’re from the Jersey Shore or New York City, patients can stay close to their families during treatment to ensure they stay motivated to continue.

Experience 24/7 Addiction Help in NJ

Our comprehensive detox program focuses on medically supervised treatment with medical support staff available around-the-clock to help ease you into sobriety. Our detox facility features state-of-the-art technology built to meet the needs of our patients by providing a safe, comfortable environment to enter withdrawal and emerge as different people. It’s our goal to offer the highest quality of care to ensure patients receive the right treatment to overcome addiction and alcoholism through detox and residential programs.

Feel Better with Withdrawal Management

For most people, withdrawal symptoms drive them to keep using substances like drugs and alcohol. The discomfort can be too much to bear and result in a relapse—no matter how much willpower comes behind it. With medical management of symptoms, you receive medications and treatments to ensure your withdrawal symptoms are eased and minimized. As a result, you enjoy the highest comfort standard at our detox facility.

Enjoy Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

At The Haven Detox-New Jersey, you receive 24-hour supervision and care by experienced medical doctors and nurses. Because of this, we can offer additional help through medication-assisted treatments that monitor drug levels and create a smart way to wean off of powerful drugs like alcohol, benzos, and opioids. We use every medication demonstrated by science to create lasting recovery, including suboxone, and methadone. When you stay at our detox facility—whether for a week, 20, or 30 days—you’ll receive the comfort and care you need to stay strong.

Get Personalized Treatment for All Addictions

At The Haven Detox, we know you’ll be comfortable throughout your detox for substance abuse, addiction, and drug dependency. You can rest assured that as you overcome withdrawal symptoms, we are following a custom, comprehensive treatment plan designed for you by professionals, therapists, and our medical team. That’s how we can treat any and every form of substance use disorder and addiction at our detox facility in New Jersey.

  • Alcohol detox programs
  • Amphetamine detox programs
  • Barbiturate detox programs
  • Benzodiazepine detox programs
  • Cocaine detox programs
  • Meth detox programs
  • Opioid and heroin detox programs
  • Suboxone detox programs
  • Methadone detox programs

We know there are countless different variations of detox, drug addiction, and substance use patterns, which is why we approach rehab for each patient individually, taking full assessment and developing custom treatment plans for each one. As a professional drug rehabilitation center, we’re prepared to meet your every need during treatment for long-term recovery.

Our treatment facility is also equipped to treat co-occurring mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the same holistic, personalized approach, mental health services, and plenty of patient treatment options after detox through residential treatment. Our vision is long-term sobriety for you after alcohol and drug detox and drug rehab or alcohol rehab afterward. That’s where you’ll discover lasting recovery through individual therapy and an individually decided course of care to meet your individual needs beyond detoxification.

Find Custom Detox and Rehab Services in NJ

Among rehab centers, The Haven Detox is a sanctuary for people with substance addiction. Contact The Haven Detox-New Jersey for more information about our medical detox, residential treatments, and for more information about what your recovery journey could look like with us. We offer a full continuum of care from detox to residential treatment programs all the way to supportive aftercare services. Begin by verifying your insurance for our substance use programs and evidence-based treatment.